Making Thin Sections by using  SystemAbele®

The easy way to prepare thin sections

Examples of Thin Sections:
rocks, minerals, fossils, biomineralization and building materials

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Stone and Rock Thin Sections

Andesit (100x)
 Thin section Rock Adenesit

Bentheimer Sandstone (25x)
Thin section Rock Bentheimer-Sandstein

Thin section Rock

Diabas-Mandelstein (25x)

Botticino-Limestone (100x)

Botticino-Limestone (400x)

Iron ore Braunenberg (100x)

Gneiss (25x)

Shale (100x)

Schill lime with mussel shells

Technical and Building Materials

Aerolith particle filter (25x)

Aerolith particle filter (25x)

Concrete microstructure (25x)

Concrete primer composite (25x)

Stoneware (100x)

decorative tile (100x)

Bongossi-wood (cross section 25x) Pol

Bongossi-wood (radial, 400x) Pol

Oak (cross section25x) Pol

Oak (cross section25x) Pol

Thin Sections of Fossils

mineralised bone in clay shales (200x)

Schill lime stone with mussel shells

fossilized dinosaur bone POL Lambda

Fossilized dinosaur bone POL



Stone cells of a hazelnut shell (400x)

Substantia compacta Substantia compacta of a bone (cross section, 100x))

Substantia compacta of a bone (longitudinal section, 100x)

Degraded tooth of Capreolus capreolus (10x)

tooth (Capreolus capreolus , 200x)

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These thin section of minerals, rocks, biomineralization, fossils and building materials were prepared with the equipment from SystemAbele®

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